Research at the UCSF Epilepsy Center

Photo: Attending our 2024 UCSF Epilepsy Research Retreat on a particularly windy day, Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco Bay - March 1st 2024


Clinical Trials

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Kurtis Auguste

Epilepsy and neuronal migration disorders, as well as state-of-the-art advances in epilepsy surgery.

Danilo Bernardo

Computational approaches to guide the diagnosis and treatment of severe childhood-onset epilepsy.

Edward Chang

Innovative neurophysiology technologies to understand, preserve and restore speech, movement and cognition. (Lab siteGithub site)

Ernesto Gonzalez-Giraldo

Treatment for infantile spasms, ketogenic dietary therapies, medical education.

Manu Hegde

Epilepsy biomarkers, links to autoimmune disease, improving mental health care and safety for people with seizures. (HEP site)

Heidi Kirsch

New methods of mapping epileptic activity and functional areas in the brain, and effects of epilepsy on cognitive function.

Jon Kleen

Memory and cognition neurophysiology, machine learning, and data visualization in epilepsy. (Lab siteGithub site)

Robert Knowlton

Neuroimaging and clinical decision-making in the surgical treatment of seizure disorders and brain tumors. 

Adam Numis

Evaluating the connection between inflammation and epilepsy in children with genetic disorders or brain injuries.

Mercedes Paredes

Cortical development and understanding the molecular and cellular basis of epilepsy and brain malformations. (Lab site)

Vikram Rao

Using direct brain electrical recordings  to understand how abnormal patterns of brain electricity give rise to seizures.

Tina Shih

Anti-seizure drugs in nursing homes, racial and ethnic disparities in epilepsy.

Nilika Singhal

Health care disparities, hospital system improvements for children with epilepsy. (PELHS site)

Joseph Sullivan

New medicines and other groundbreaking treatments as well as language development research in children with epilepsy.